Folie à Deux . . . two crazy people and lots of foolishly friendly felines!

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Technically, “folie à deux” refers to a rare form of insanity transmitted from one person to another. . . but it actually happened when Iris Tanner, a cat breeder and CFA judge, introduced her future husband, Bob Zinck, to her cats! Formerly a “dog person,” Bob quickly became involved with breeding and showing. Result: the evolution of Iris’s old cattery (“Silverlock”) and breeding program into Folie à Deux … a small, home-based cattery focusing on CFA-registered Siberians and Turkish Angoras.

Folie à Deux is built on almost 30 years of breeding and showing experience, not just with our primary breeds, but with Russian Blues, Orientals, Persians, and most recently, a Korat who believes he’s the center of the universe. As a CFA Approved Allbreed Judge, Iris serves as a constant ambassador for the cat fancy and an information resource for all cat lovers, no matter what the breed. Bob, a professional photographer, is involved in the CFA Clerking Program. Both are founding members of the New England Meow Outfit (NEMO) cat club and members of the CFA Siberian and Turkish Angora Breed Councils.


Hypoallergenic? Maybe. Friendly, mellow and affectionate? That’s fur sure!!!!


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Turkish Angoras

The original easy-care longhair! Meet the mischievous feline ballerina in soft, silky fur.


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Folie à Deux is located just north of Boston, MA and welcomes visitors BY APPOINTMENT. Please contact us to schedule a time to visit.

You are welcome to call us at 781-483-3007, but will generally get a faster response if you email us.